The Jury through the years

The jury in 2015

Chris MARQUES (President of the Jury), Artistic director and producer
Fabien BINACCHI, Journalist - photographer at the journal 20Minutes
Anne ECROHART, Passionnate spectator representing the public
Michel MEY, Regional representative of the SACEM
Fanny NUVOLONE, Promotion manager of Cannes Radio

The jury in 2014

Corinne TOUZET, (President of the Jury), Producer and actress
Brigitte AUBERT, Writer
Richard GOTAINER, Singer
Hervé FABRE, Photographer
Jean-Baptiste GUYON, Producer
Philippe MULLER, Journalist

The jury in 2013

Brigitte AUBERT, (President of the Jury), Writer
Sylvie OSMAN, Cie Arketal
Greta BRUGGEMAN, Cie Arketal
Gilles TRAVERSO, Photographer
Frédéric LANOVSKY, Artist Sculptor
Florian LATY, Representative of the jury

The jury in 2012

Jean-Baptiste GUYON (President of the jury), Producer
Virginie HOFLACK, Judge in the court of Grasse
Hélène MARTI, Primary school teacher
Patrick MOYA, Painter
Hervé KOUBI, Choreographer

The jury in 2011

Richard GOTAINER (President of the jury), Singer
Paola CANTALUPO, Director of l’ESDC Rosella Hightower  
Birgit COQUELIN, Storekeeper
Catherine LAZARD, Lawyer
Gilbert CHAMONAL, Former Director of AS Cannes Football and RC Cannes Volley Ball  
Guy SAMBRANA, Director of External Relations of Nice Matin 
Christian SERRANO, Agent

The jury in 2010

Corinne TOUZET (President of the jury), Producer and actress 
Marthe VILLALONGA, Actress
Ginou RICHER, Public relations
Pascal HERITIER, Producer 
Riccardo CARAMELLA, International pianist
Gabriella CARAMELLA, Manager of entertainment and sound recording companies

The jury in 2009

Sophie DUEZ (President of the jury), Actress
Corinne TOUZET, Producer and actress
Pierre CHEVALLET, Director of a company in Cannes
Ginou RICHER, Public relations 
Maïmouna FALL, Cultural Project Officer
Michel BARBOUTEAU, Director of Communication

The jury in 2008

Jérôme KELAKOPIAN (President of the jury), Photographer 
Daniel MARTINEZ, Direction of the coast
Josée LEROY, Former President of AVF of Cannes  
Lucette BELLINI, Painter
Laetitia ROUSSEAU, Winner in the game Nice Matin

The jury in 2007

Pascal HERITIER (President of the jury), Producer
Riccardo CARAMELLA, International pianist
Anne ECROHART, Subscriber of season "Sortir à Cannes" 
Jean-Paul GUITTON, Faculty of the businesses of Cannes  
Sonia NEEL, Deputy Director, Public Relations Manager
Anthéa SOGNO, Stage director, Actress
Marthe VILLALONGA, Actress

The jury in 2006

Richard GOTAINER (President of the jury), Singer
Natasha AMAL (Godmother), Actress
Jean-Baptiste GUYON, Producer
Hélène OGER, Artist-painter
Arnaud GOBIN