The creator : Patrick Bault
Theme : « Romantic movies »


For 60 years, Brézac Events has firmly established its reputation in France and in the world. Known as one of the first European company in the pyrotechnic festivals sector, the pyrotechnicians of Brézac Events take as a guiding principle the fact of never stop developing their fantasy in order to always amaze and move even more their public. This passion for their job has in fact been rewarded in numerous international festivals like in Montreal, Macau, Shanghai or Manila.  

Theme: “Romantic movies”

«There is no happy love – But it’s our love to both of us»

Trough this show, Brézac Events will have for goals to make us feel a range of varied emotions, all even more romantic ones than the others. Tragic love, jealousy, loneliness, but also kindness, hope and secret happiness will come up to the mark. We are well aware of and we love it even more, ending in a good or in a bad way, love stories in the cinema are frequently complex and thwarted. If not, there will be no stories to tell. It’s also for this reason that they get us emotional and that they challenge us. Love surrounds us every day and its joy as its pain are at the origin of the biggest human emotions. Let you immerse into these emotions trough melodies of the cinema.


  • Le Moulin Rouge : El tango de Roxane – E.MC Gregor/ J.Feliciano/ J.Koman
  • Talons Aiguilles : Piensa en mi – Luz Casal
  • Dirty Dancing : Time of my life – B.Medley/ J.warnes
  • Batman Forever : Kiss from a Rose – Seal
  • Pretty Woman : Oh, pretty woman – Roy Orbison
  • Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain : La valise d’Amélie – Y.Tiersen
  • Le Lauréat : Sound of silence – Touch of class
  • La,La,Land : Someone in the crowd – E.Stone
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21 july 2021

10 pm
Bay of Cannes