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The creator : Patrick et Margit REUTER


A major figure in fireworks in Germany, the family-tun company Steffes-Ollig works in the pure tradition of the pyrotechnic art. Over 140 years’ experience and more than four generations have allowed the teams to acquire manufacturing know-how, and also, since 1950, in serving creativity and designing firework displays. Today, the use of new technologies allows Steffes-Ollig to create new variations on light, sound and colour in the shows offered. Year by year, the family has developed its international presence and puts its art in the service of celebrating national and international events.


“Espyranto” is the linguistic combination of the words Esperanto and Pyrotechnics.

The show offered in Cannes aims to demonstrate the parallels between two universal forms of communication and the fusion of the two. Esperanto is an international language used in over 120 countries in the world and it allows broad communication and a single language in order to be understood. In the same way, pyrotechnics, with its different effects and perfectly synchronized music, incites multiple emotions in the audience. The use of one of the dominating aspects of pyrotechnics, such as light, accompanied by famous or specific melodies, creates emotion and allows for enjoying a total sensory experience.


Antonin Dvorak – Aus der neunen Welt

Thunderstruck – Dos Cellos                                             

Cristina Casella en Esperanto – Mix de Ha Lo                                 

Adele – Hello                                               

Soundtrack « Rio 2 » – Beautiful Creatures                       

Der Erlkönig feat Jo Van Nelson – Hypnotic Grooves                       

Das Meer – Unheilig                                             

Barcelona – Please don’t go                               

Doop – Dooper than Doop                         

Ramones – What a wonderful world             

Moulin Rouge – El Tango de Roxanne                    


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14 july 2019

10 pm
Bay of Cannes