The creator : Rodrigo Oyarzo Contador
Theme : “Red carpet”


Groupe F is a production structure that produces and realises pyrotechnic shows and open-air theatrical works. Author and producer of pyrotechnic and cultural events since 1992, the company has been developing for 20 years new artistic languages and unique means of expression. Hawking its lights all over the world, these specialists are reaching a large audience ever more eager of suspense and magic. Groupe F is equipped of a production means and a built-in realization unparalleled in the public space show sector. Moreover, the team is particularly involved in major events of international standing such as the Olympic Games, The FIFA World Cup and significant inaugurations broadcast live.

Theme: “Red carpet”

After the grayness of the winter and the uncertainty of the spring, Groupe F rolls out the « Red Carpet » to the public and the artists on the occasion of the return of the eternal show of the cinema, but also of shows in all its forms. The event is made on the base of a choreography, completely guided by the music, punctuated by pyrotechnic prowesses and sumptuous effects guiding at its turn the spectator throughout a pure moment of happiness. While the nightfall alongside the beaches, the bay, magnificent, goes up in a thousand flames again and take the spectator from contemplation to the euphoria of the ending.


  • Dancer in the dark : Cvalda – Bjork
  • Moonrise kingdom : The Heroic Anderson – Alexandre Desplat
  • Babel : Deportacion Iguazu – Gustabo Santaolalla
  • Volver : Volver – Alberto Iglesias
  • La dolce vita : La dolce vita – Nino Rota
  • Huit et demi : Huit et demi – Nino Rota
  • Parasite : Zappaguri – Jung Jae II
  • Underground : Mesecina Moonlight – Goran Bregovic
  • Capharnaum : Capharnaüm – Khaled Mouzanar
  • Tigre et dragon : Night fight – Tan Dun
  • Slumdog millionaire : Ringa Ringa – Danny Boyle
  • The square : Justice – Genesis
  • Moulin rouge : Roxanne – The Police



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14 july 2021

10 pm
Bay of Cannes