Creator : Umberto Presutto
Theme :Ode to Life”


Pirotecnica San Pio is an Italian company founded in the 1950s, specialising in the production and sale of high quality pyrotechnic products. Descendants of two generations of pyrotechnicians and passionate about this art, they perpetuate the enthusiasm and spirit of innovation that drives them. Their work is mainly aimed at the constant search for new effects, favouring the intensity and vivacity of the colours used as added value and operating in a context of total safety. Pirotecnica San Pio is a supplier to many national and international pyrotechnic companies and has won numerous awards.  This success is the result of a continuous evolution in creation and an extremely complex and original choreographic design.

Theme: “Ode to Life”

Life is beautiful, the famous film by Roberto Benigni (1997), which won three Oscars, a César and the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, inspired the fireworkers of Pirotecnica San Pio to pay tribute to the Ukrainian people with this ode to life. These few words remind us how important it is to know how to appreciate the gift of life. How happiness and the will to live is stronger than all the uncertainties and injustices suffered during tragic and unpredictable events. A fireworks show has the power to unite thousands of people around the same values, sharing moments of lightness and a few smiles. Through the lights and the harmony of the choreography, the Pirotecnica San Pio team communicates enthusiasm, joy and love and takes away the audience in this ode to life.


Ennio Morricone “Carillon”

Nicola Piovani “Abbiamo vinto”

Domenico Modugno ” Volare”

Claudio Baglioni “Volare”

Fred Buscaglione “Volare”

Dean Martin “Volare”

Gipsy Kings “Volare”

Alan Silvestri “Forrest Gump”

Simple Minds “Don’t You”

Queen “Princes of the Universe”

Sarah Brightman “Fleurs du mal”

Fraquito “Le Bolero de Ravel”

Bond “Fuego”

The Pussycat Dolls “Sway”

Bond “Sorchio”

Sarah Brightman “Sarahbande”

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august 8


Bay of Cannes