Creator : Nicolas Guinand
Theme : “The gardens of Vesta”


Founded in 1967, SUGYP began its pyrotechnic activities in 1971. Within a few years, the company became a key player in the pyrotechnics industry in French-speaking Switzerland. Since 2007, under the management of Jean Pascal and Nicolas Guinand, the company has experienced strong growth (new pyrotechnic depots, acquisition of ADR transport vehicles, implementation of procedures for the realization of large-scale shows, acquisition of the latest generation digital firing systems). If the methods change, it is to better serve artistic creativity and new technical challenges. On October 1, 2018, SUGYP and SSE Holding decided to combine their skills and resources in the field of pyrotechnic shows by grouping all the operational activities concerned within SUGYP SWISS PYROTECHNICS at the Onnens (VD) and Spiez (BE) sites. This collaboration will enable the new entity to expand its activities throughout the Swiss market and to become the leader in the field of fireworks displays. Sugyp Swiss Pyrotechnics actively participates in numerous pyrotechnic events and wins many international prizes such as the Bronze Jupiter (Canada 2016), Pyromagic (Poland 2016), the Hannover Competition (Germany 2014) or the Starbrno Ignis Brunensis (Czech Republic 2013).

Theme : “The gardens of Vesta”

Imagine being able to wander freely on a summer’s evening through the gardens of Vesta, the great ancient goddess of fire, to walk through the diversity of her vibrant flowerbeds, to discover with joy the dazzling celebrations at the bend of an alley or to taste the melancholy of a pretty starry bower and to enjoy the laughter of sparkling fountains around luminous basins…

SUGYP invites the public to let their imagination run wild and let themselves be carried away in this pyrotechnic fresco full of surprises and emotions.



Mozart Heros “Summer storm”

Brand X-Music “Follow the cheese”

Kylie minogue  “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”

Anti flag “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”

Christina Aguilera “Show me how you Burlesque”

Brand X-Music “Paperboy”

Lemaitre feat. Jennie A. “Closer”

Scorpions “Wind of Change”

Valarie Pettiford & Jane Lanier “The hot Honey Rag”

Brand X-Music “Welcome in peace”

Brand X-Music “Mushrooms and Lollipops”

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