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Rozzi's Famous Fireworks

Creator : Michael LUTZ
Theme : “American Rhapsody” – A cultural journey round the United States of America through its diverse musical heritage. 


Founded in 1895, the company Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks is a family-run company in Loveland, Ohio (USA) that manufactures and uses fireworks. Built on the dream of just one man, Paolo Rozzi, the great-grandfather of current manager Nancy Rozzi, the company was created in southern Italy in 1895, before emigrating shortly afterwards to Pennsylvania. In 1930, after the company saw major growth, Paolo’s son, Arthur Rozzi alongside his two sons, Joseph and Paul, moved the company to Cincinnati, Ohio, where they transformed it into what it has become today. Currently at the head of the family-run company, Nancy Rozzi, the daughter of Joseph, draws on her integrity and unfailing know-how to innovate in the international firework industry, demonstrating imagination and audacity while taking risks in order to design enchanting shows.

Theme: American Rhapsody – A cultural journey round the United States of America through its diverse musical heritage. 

The USA is a country founded and built by immigrants from the world over, who came to seek adventure and the chance to grow. The result is the melting-pot of everything humanity has to offer today, a country that has developed a magnificently diverse culture visible in its style, its language and above all in its musical heritage. The journey is offered by way of the various musical styles, influenced by a collective past, that unites the people of our current era.


Aaron Copland – Fanfare for the Common Man
Los Lobos – La Bamba
Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
Benny Goodman (BBC Big Band Orchestra) – Sing, Sing, Sing
Nina Simone – Feeling Good
Big Head Todd and the Monsters (Feat. John Lee Hooker) – Boom Boom
Tina Turner and Ike Turner – Proud Mary
Johnny Cash – Hurt
Prince – Purple Rain
The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
Van Halen – Eruption
Lindsey Stirling – Roundtable Rival
Aretha Franklin – Think

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