Each member of the jury must assess the pyro-musical shows in accordance with the following criteria :

Quality and originality of the fireworks : colours and forms
– Soundtrack : musical choices, sequences
– Synchronization : precision between the sound effects and the fireworks, choice of tempo
– General artistic impression : tableaux, pyrotechnic design and compliance with the chosen theme.

The assessment marks and any other documents used by members of the jury in relation to their marks are confidential and remain the sole property of the SEMEC. Each member of the jury has a score sheet that remains confidential until the final deliberation. After each display, these sheets are collected and kept by a SEMEC representative until the subsequent display.


2019 jury


Gérard LOUVIN - Président of Jury

The very young Gérard LOUVIN, passionate about shows in every form, could only dream of starting his career beside Claude François, for whom he would be the artistic director for several years. He would later begin to produce artists, in particular Florent PAGNY, Michel LEEB and many others. With Daniel MOYNE, he created the company GLEM and took his first steps into the world of television, notably with SACRÉE SOIRÉE for more than seven years. Director of STAR ACADEMY, he would then join MISS FRANCE on TF1 and create the NRJ AWARDS in Cannes. He would also initiate DANSE AVEC LES STARS on TF1. Gérard Louvin is also the producer of several theatrical pieces and musical comedies. In 2002, he also produced a firework display at the Eiffel Tower on 14 July. A former hotel and catering school pupil, he would create the famous restaurant club ARC and the BOBINO cabaret.


Daniel MOYNE

Initially he was Gérard LOUVIN’s assistant with Claude FRANCOIS. Claude FRANCOIS asked him to work several months later on the development of the magazine PODIUM, which led him as a journalist to work with the Daniel FILIPACCHI group (Salut les copains, Ok magazine). Other wonderful artistic adventures in radio, television and shows began for the two friends through the production company GLEM. For more than seven years he would schedule more than 12 singers every week for the famous programme SACRÉE SOIRÉE. At the same time, Daniel Moyne wrote for television series and for several singers as a writer and composer. He was the artistic director of musical comedies such as ROMEO AND JULIET and the author of BELLES, BELLES, BELLES. In 2011, he composed SOGNU for AMAURY VASSILI, who defended France in the Eurovision Song Contest.



She has been the artistic and educational director of the Rosella Hightower École Supérieure for Dance in Cannes since 2009 and has carried out the same duties for the Degree Level at the École Nationale Supérieure for Dance in Marseilles since 2012.

She was trained at the La Scala Dance School in Milan where she then began in the corps de ballet. She was hired by Maurice Béjart for the Ballet du XXème siècle then, in 1980 by John Neumeier for the Hamburg Ballet. In 1984 she continued her career as the principle dancer for the National Ballet of Portugal where she performed the great roles from the repertoire. She then joined the Ballets de Monte-Carlo in 1988 where she was named an Étoile the following year by HRH the Princess of Hanover.



Antoine PIERINI was born in Antibes in 1981 to a family of artists. Pioneers of the “Studio Glass Mouvement Français”, his father, Robert Pierini, his uncle and his aunt, Alain and Marysa Begou, and even his cousin Xavier Carrère were among the most famous French glassmakers and restored the reputation of the art of glassblowing between the 1980s and 2000. During his teenage years, Antoine watched the small world of glass through exhibitions and travel. In his father’s school, he learned the basics of the technique and the working gestures of glass-blowing, and discovered the pleasure of mastering this molten matter. The artist takes on a sculptural world in a refined style. His art and his passion for glass, is expressed by imagining fascinating works, both in terms of their colours and their shape, inspired by the heritage left by mankind. His approach is inspired by the Mediterranean cultural heritage.

Vanessa Valence


Vanessa Valence is a French actress, known above all for having played Fred since 2009 in the series Profilage, and this for the first 5 seasons. The death of her character in 2014 would deeply affect fans, much attached to the friend and colleague of Chloé Saint-Laurent. The actress owes everything to the small screen, which offered her opportunities in several series: after theatre classes, she began with a role in Les Cordiers, juge et flic (2004), followed by an episode of Julie Lescaut, and made a brief appearance in Joséphine Ange Gardien in 2005. After providing the dubbed voice for Claire Holt’s character in the German Australian series H2O for one season, she moved via Section de recherche before joining the cast of Alexandre Arcafy’s film Tu peux garder un secret (2008) in which she had a small role. She gained public recognition in Profilage between 2009 and 2014, and the death of her character allows her to take on a different role. She will play in the series Les Secrets d’Elise, broadcast on TF1 since 2015.


Julie CENKIER is a representative of CANNES RADIO. She is from Cannes and has a background in the media, whether TV, radio or web. She worked in Paris in the TF1, M6,RMC and VIADEO groups. She is passionate about travel, sports and never tired of enjoying the pleasures of the Riviera when she has the opportunity.