2023 Pyrotechnics Art Festival : The Vestale d’Or

Every summer, Cannes hosts in its bay, one of the most prestigious Festival of Pyrotechnic Art in the world. After 3 years of competition, the medalists of the Vestale d’Argent meet on the Croisette for six shows and compete for the coveted Vestale d’Or! Masters of artifice and the art of synchronization, they will use all their creativity to offer carefully orchestrated pyro-musical fires. Each performance given on the seafront is acclaimed by more than 100,000 spectators and a jury of specialists, witnesses of these spectacular games. This extraordinary event offers magical moments made up of successive scenes combining high-precision pyrotechnic products and music from the most famous film soundtracks.

The fireworks can be watched online (live or recorded).

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The display soundtracks are broadcast live on Cannes Radio, frequency 91.5 FM

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Program edition

Six evenings during which the Bay of Cannes will embrace a thousand fires, ephemeral coloured stars and other compositions created by the greatest international pyrotechnicians.
A marvel for an ever-increasing audience; every year over 700,000 spectators attend the Cannes Festival of Pyrotechnic Art as a whole.
This year 2023, the firms will compete with the aim of winning the coveted Golden Vestal! This vestal brings into play the previously victorious firms of the silver vestal for a competition at the top and unique in the world.

Grade the fireworks



To take part in awarding the Public Prize, spectators are invited to connect to the website: www.festival-pyrotechnique-cannes.com from 14 July to 24 August 2023 11:59 pm, where they can award a mark from 1 to 5 (from passable to very good) for the firework displays taking place on 21, 29 July, 8, 15 and 24 August in the Bay of Cannes.

Online voting is open at the end of each show. The winners will be announced on 26 August.

Vote and win!

To reward participants, prizes will be awarded among those voting for the Public Prize (seats to a show).

The winners will be selected by a random draw among the participants. This will be held by the organizer under the control of court officer.

All the firework displays are in competition.