The cleaning of the Cannes’s bay

For almost 20 years the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès from the city of Cannes, are cleaning on the occasion of the International Pyrotechnic Festival, the bay and the seabed. Since 2005, each fire of the Festival is followed by a «deep» cleaning.

Immediately right after the fire, a boat with long-range projectors began a 2-hours reach in order to collect above-ground waste, thanks to the nets placed on both sides of the boat ( 3m50 long) and linked to 70 liters waste bag.

The following day, in the early morning, another « Marinov » boat ride is programmed. Two divers go through a largest firing range to remove the waste that have settled down on the seabed.

The consumption of sand being a major environmental issue, the FIAP, which uses sand to wedge the fireworks on the barges, implements new solutions in order to limit its use as much as possible. Indeed, from 10t of loose sand per fire 15 years ago, we went to 10t in plastic bags 10 years ago per summer then to 6t per summer in recent years thanks to the repackaging in more durable hessian bags. , to finally reduce our consumption to 2t per season by 2024 with a new wedging system for the largest sizes.

“Less is more”: in its programming, the festival selects teams of manufacturers or independent pyrotechnicians who focus on the quality of the pyrotechnic articles and not on the quantity. It is not a question of “filling” tables with a mass of products of lesser quality but of favoring high quality products, often European, for the largest calibers whose persistence in the sky avoids excessive consumption.