The Vestale & the Jury’s Prize

The Vestale

Each year, companies are competing for the Silver Vestale and the prizewinners compete for the Gold Vestale every 4 years. This award is very important, because it recognizes international excellence in pyrotechnical arts.

Vesta, fire goddess, was Zeus sister.
Every town had its own public fireplace that was dedicated to her, and the fire should never stop. When a new town was created, the immigrants brought burning charcoal from the mother town fireplace, to lighten the new fireplace. In Rome, the sacred fire of Vesta, was taken care of by six virgin princesses, called, the Vestales.

The Jury

Ms ROSE METT TORRENTE (President of the Jury), Couturier art and creation
Mr DOVE ATTIA, Artistic Director - Producer
Mr RACHID FERRACHE, Singer - Director
Mr LAURENT  MÔ, Painter, Sculptor
Ms GABRIELLE DEPAEPE, Sales Manager representing the public

The Jury's Prize

Each jury member will have to evaluate the pyrotechnical shows according to different points:

1) The Music and Firework conception: The quality and the originality of the pyrotechnical elements.
2) The Sound Track: The quality and originality.
3) The synchronisation: The precision between the music and the firework.
4) General artistic impression: The marks and others documents used by the jury, belong to the SEMEC only. Each jury member will have a document which will stay confidential to the final discussion. After each firework, these documents will be collected and kept by a SEMEC representative to the other firework.