Marco Giuliani 
Thématique : « CARPE DIEM »


Guiliani has been a pyrotechnics company for 5 generations. They are passionate about their craft, which is why they are not only well versed in the work, but also equipped with a wealth of incomparable experience.
The company has grown remarkably, and has become the most reliable point of reference in the pyrotechnics field.
Giuliani Fireworks produce top-quality fireworks and pyrotechnic displays for customers all over the world, destined to grow through sacrifice and love for their work.
Their strengths go beyond their many years of experience: technological equipment and a winning team. With the latest generation of electronic controllers, they are able to achieve dynamic, planned, surprising, unlimited choreography with absolute respect for safety.


In magic, as in life, there is nothing but the present moment, the NOW. The future does not begin tomorrow, but at this very moment. And it’s precisely in this moment, before our very eyes, that we must seek happiness, just as children do, who don’t worry about the future or brood over the past.
With our show, we want to promote positive thinking and show that the joy of living is in the HERE and NOW.
The skies over Cannes will be transformed into an exclusive stage on which our marvellous show of magic, music, color and fireworks will come to life, bringing joy and lightness to the public and showing that, after all, to be happy, sometimes all you have to do is open your eyes and your heart to the beauty that lies before you!


  • The big smoke – Audiomachine
  • Transcendence – Audiomachine
  • The Great – Audiomachine
  • Life – Audiomachine
  • Brologue Birt – Audiomachine
  • Reaching – Audiomachine
  • The new earth – Audiomachine
  • Pillars of earth – Audiomachine
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july 22


Bay of Cannes