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Thématique : « Le sens du chemin »


Hermanos Caballer is a well-established pyrotechnics company with over 18 years’ experience as an independent brand. It’s an old company, dating back to 1980 with the founding of Pirotecnia Hermanos Caballer, by his great-grandfather Vicente Caballer Zamorano.
From this family saga of pyrotechnicians, José and Jorge Caballer inherited a spirit of improvement and the desire to be the best, which led them in 1999 to become independent to develop their own ideas and projects, each more innovative and modern than the last. The Caballero brothers wanted to give their products a different cachet, and they achieve this by producing 80% of their products, with the aim of obtaining an exclusive and innovative material in the riskiest combination.
Their pyrotechnic displays are of the highest quality, with exceptional luminosity and color. A style all their own that sets them apart.

Theme: “The meaning of the path”

In a frenetic, uncertain world, we are confronted with complex situations without really knowing how to react.
“LE SENS DU CHEMIN”, inspired by the road to Santiago de Compostela, will tell you a story of overcoming one’s limitations. Through an emotional journey, we discover that each challenge helps us in a process of change, allowing us to reconnect with our true essence.
The show tells a human story that, like the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, leads us into a deep relationship in search of our inner selves.
On this long journey, pilgrims will face physical and emotional challenges, giving them time to reflect and introspect. The path offers an environment conducive to disconnecting from the frenzy of everyday life. It enables a deep inner exploration of values, beliefs and life goals.
Many pilgrims find on the Camino de Compostela a space to reaffirm their identity, find answers to existential questions and experience a sense of fulfillment in their lives.


  • L’ambôccá “The Passion of Andalucía” (berçión Steven Richard Davis Remix)

  • Asturia (Issaac Albeniz – Olten Filarmoni Orkestrasi)

  • Mis Ojos (Chambao feat Mestiza)

  • Devuélvete (Carla Marrison)

  • Where is My Mind ? (Safari Riot)

  • Mad World (2WEI, Tommee Profitt, Fleurie)

  • Hegoak – Txoria Txori (Les voix Basques)

  • L’arrivée de Jeanne (Carlos Nunez)

  • Unstoppable (Sia)

  • Can You Hear The Music (Ludwig Göransson)

  • Winter (Vivaldi – Rock Eléctric Violi) 
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JULY 04, 2024

Bay of Cannes