Guillaume Chartier and Bob Xiong Qun Deng
Theme: “The Silk Road

Out-of-competition fire organized as part of the Franco-Chinese year of cultural tourism celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the French Republic and the People’s Republic of China.

Presentation :

Lidu Fireworks was founded in 1974. Lidu is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of 1.3g fireworks. Their facilities are located in the city of Lidu, Jiangxi province, and include the “International Institute of Advanced Fireworks Research” and a national testing center. Lidu has developed 8 subsidiaries and covers an area of 4,300 acres with over 1,200 employees.
After more than forty years of continuous development, Lidu is constantly evolving, using the results of technical research and quality control. Lidu uses both manual mechanical production to manufacture aerial bombs, multi-shot compacts, Roman candles, daytime fireworks and patterned bombs to name just a few of their products. Lidu exports products to over 60 countries worldwide.
Lidu and its brand are known for the quality of their products, as well as for their safety and environmental protection practices. Lidu was one of the first fireworks manufacturers in China to be certified with the designations: ISO9001-2008, ISO14001, ISO18001. Lidu also holds CE certification, important for exporting to Europe.
Lidu Fireworks has had the opportunity to work on major national and international events, including the 2016 G20 Summit, and the 2008 and 2016 Summer Olympics, to name but a few.

Theme: “The Silk Road”

Under the vast sky, dawn embraces the dunes,
The distant horizon where silk weaves the moon.
Merchants and camels, silhouettes of fortune,
Cross lands, under the sun, under the mist.

Mountains rise, majestic, austere,
To flowery valleys, secret oases, ephemeral.
The road winds between deserts and rivers,
Carrying silks and spices in a thousand-year-old ballet.

Lotus petals float in the light wind,
Caravaneers sing, echoes of a foreign past.
Every step is a tale, a story to share,
On the Silk Road, where souls travel.

Distant Beijing, Samarkand, cities of mystery,
meet, intermingle, cultures and lights.
The stars guide the night, keep lonely watch,
On travelers, their dreams, their prayers.

In the silence of the desert, the moon keeps watch,
On the Silk Road, eternal wonder.
A bridge between worlds, where the horizon sparkles,
Testimony to a time, to a shining spirit. 


  • Opening Title (House of the flying daggers Shigeru Umebayaskhi)

  • Silk Road Journey to prosperity

  • The Echo Game (House of the flying daggers Shigeru Umebayashi)

  • Light Years Away (Passengers – G.E.M)

  • Shingashi Song (The Silk Road Ensemble)

  • Bataille Finale (M)

  • Intro (Greatest works of Art – Jay Chou)

  • Greatest World of Art (Greatest World of Art – Jay Chou)

  • Il est difficile de faire la distinction entre le vrai et le faux (Shanghai Symphony Orchestra – Wu Bai & China Blue)
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