Cliff Hooge
Thématique : « Love’s Symphony : A Fireworks Extravaganza »


The Belgian company has won numerous prizes in international competitions: they took gold at the Potsdam International Fireworks Symphony in 2012 and silver in 2013. The company also organizes the Knokke-Heist International Fireworks Festival in Belgium, one of the most famous events in pyrotechnics.

Theme: “Love’s Symphony: A Fireworks Extravaganza”

Love’s Symphony is an event that captures the essence of love, music and beauty.
It combines these elements in a breathtaking spectacle that leaves audiences breathless.
But the Symphony of Love isn’t just about fireworks, it’s also about creating memories with those you love.
It’s a chance for couples to hold each other close as they watch the show unfold above them.


  • Cry Me a river – Michael Bubble


  • La Valse de Emelie (Orchestra version) – Yann Tiersen


  • Reet petite – Jackie Wilson


  • I will always love you – Whitney Houston


  • Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis


  • Mon Homme (extrait de Mistinguett, Rein des annéess Folles – Carmen Maria Vega


  • Oceans – Martin Garrix


  • Unchained Melody – rightieous brothers 
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JULY 14 2024

Bay of Cannes