Simon Harding 
Thématique : « It’s written in the stars »


Sirotechnics is the winner of the British Musical Fireworks Championships held in Southport from 2009 to 2017. Placed first out of over 50 companies selected in the UK’s only nationally-recognized industry competition. Sirotechnics are experts in the art of Lancework. With over 20 years’ experience, they are always at the cutting edge of technology, designing fireworks with state-of-the-art equipment. Sirotechnics uses FireOne – the same technology used by Disney to present the “Happily Ever After” screen.

Theme: “It’s written in the stars”

Amid the uncertainty of everyday life, the unexpected around the corner and the questions the future holds, we invite you to escape to the stars for a magical evening. Stargazing dates back to 1000 BC, when astrologers acquired a knowledge of the patterns, formations and weather changes in the sky above us. Years later, we look to the heavens for moments of clarity, reflection, entertainment and wonder.
Our musical composition by Serena Foyle is designed to take you on this journey, to let your thoughts wander, to plunge you into a time when time doesn’t really matter, but your imagination can run free without knowing what lies ahead. Music is an expressive art in its own right, with the power to direct your mind to distant thoughts, stretch or compress the perception of time, and entertain feelings.
In the Bay of Cannes, we combine music and time with color, sounds, feelings and the physical representation of firework stars to offer you a unique, artistic escape into a moment that can only be seen at this very moment – after all, everyone’s perception of what they see is personal. Only your mind will know the thoughts and emotions it provokes and the journey it takes you on.
Sirotechnics wishes you a “Unique Journey”.


Nero – 2808

Cinematic Orchestra – A Promise

Marc et Claude – I Need Your Lovin’ Like The Sunshine

Bob Sinclar – World, Hold On (Children of the Sky)

Haelos – Intro/Spectrum

Tommee Profitt (feat. Fleurie) Mellen Gi Remix – In The End

Faithless – God Is A DJ

Sash! – Encore Une Fois

Parker & Hanson – Gravity

2WEI – Funeral March

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Bay of Cannes